Our Services

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services:

What does that mean? A full-charge bookkeeper is one who has the necessary skills and experience to perform a full range of bookkeeping duties - from the simple to the complex. We take our clients right up to the point where they are ready to go to their tax preparer to have their income tax returns completed.

Some of these duties include:

We customize our services to meet our clients' needs. Some clients, who do their own data entry, want a minimal "overview" of their work to make sure they're posting deposits and expenses properly. Others pick and choose services to build a customized "package" that fits their business. And others want all the benefits of an in-house bookkeeper - we do that!

We just do the work in my office instead of yours.

Call Cheri to see how we can put together a package that meets your bookkeeping needs - whether they be a few duties, several or full-charge.

Virtual Assistance

How it works?

Once a month (or each week, if you prefer), we have a brief conference call to determine your priorities for the upcoming time period. During that call, we highlight specific tasks, appointments, and obligations to ensure that they are handled in a timely manner.

As with a lawyer, billable hours and fractions of hours are documented and submitted with the monthly invoice. Invoices are sent upon the completion of work, and are due within 15 days.

Rates are determined by the nature of our agreement and generally range from $30-$50/hour. A one-time short-term "project management" job will be charged by the hour. A long-term, ongoing project will be determined by a regular monthly fee, after we've been able to determine the number of hours we'll be spending on your account.

As a bookkeeping client, we suggest working together for a couple of months, charging by the hour, to get a good idea what the average number of hours will be - based on the services you require. With clients desiring other types of services, you may choose to pre-determine the number of hours you'd like us to work for you each month. Then, you would have the flexibility to schedule how and on what you'd like us to spend that time.

Specialized office supplies (letterhead, promotional materials, etc...) are to be supplied by the client. Additional office expenses incurred in the processing of client tasks (eg. postage, printing of newsletter, phone charges for meeting planner communications. etc.) are submitted with that month's bill.